Antique Furniture Never Goes Out of Style

September 29, 2012

[27 September 2012] Antique furniture is an investment that never goes out of style. Antique furniture London is increasing in popularity and no one understands this better than Baboushka Antiques. This means that quality pieces and restored antiques are beginning to sell better over the modern day flat packed items.

Durability and Quality

It has become a fact that the older pieces which we now consider as antiques are durable and made to the highest quality.

Many pieces are handmade from scratch; a chest of drawers will have each drawer custom made and any design will be carefully crafted by hand. The majority of antique furniture in London that is in demand in quality oak pieces, durable pieces that will last many more years.

 Future Generations

The advantage with investing in antique furniture is that it can be handed down to future generations. The thought that antiques are expensive is not true when you take into consideration how many years they can sit in your home complimenting the space.

Many antiques will look fantastic in even the most modern of homes. The designs are unique and the quality is unrivalled when you look at the quality of new furniture pieces today. Being able to hand these pieces down to children and grandchildren ensure the life of these pieces, ensure they are remembered and appreciated for what they are.

 Investment Potential Unrivalled

Antique furniture London is considered an excellent investment. These pieces age over time but can offer a sizeable profit if sold. They are in demand at the moment with many homes choosing antique over the modern choices, this means that items already owned are only increasing in value. The biggest advantage is that they never lose their value if cared for properly.

Taking care of any antique furniture ensures a great price when sold. You often see antique auctions getting superior prices for pieces that have a history behind them. These pieces tell a story, they have been around for many years and have lived through many different generations. Whether they have a slight nick on the corner or they have been restored to their former glory, antiques are a solid investment and will offer you excellent use for many years to come.

 Introducing Baboushka Antiques

Baboushka Antiques have over forty years’ experience. This family run antique showroom have a team that is passionate about antiques. They have quality pieces and restored pieces from retro lampshades to Victorian marble wash downs and fantastic solid desks. Baboushka Antiques also offer a house clearance service and they will buy any antiques that you want to sell, ensuring they are enjoyed by people moving forward. When it comes to Antique Furniture London think Baboushka Antiques, you will not be disappointed.



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