Consumers Actively Seek Out Natural Beauty Products

April 23, 2013

England 17/04/2013 – Firms, like Mineralissima, who sell natural beauty products are benefiting from consumers actively seeking out chemical free cosmetics

Despite only being founded in 2007, the Dutch company Mineralissima have become a leading cosmetics firm. As the name suggests they specialise in selling beauty products made from pure minerals. The natural foundations, eyeshadows, bronzers, blushers, concealers, eyeliners and lip-glosses they sell have proved to be an almost instant hit with today’s consumers.

Increasingly, women are becoming more and more aware of the damage that harsh chemicals can do to their skin and the environment. They are increasingly drawn to using natural beauty products that are gentle on their skin. Interest in anti-aging has led to women becoming much better educated about skin and skincare than they once were. It has turned them into extremely knowledgeable and sophisticated consumers who are no longer prepared to use just any product on their skin. They are no longer prepared to blindly use a product that makes them look good, but contains harsh chemicals. If modern consumers feel that in the long-term using a product may lead to damage, they are increasingly choosing not to buy.

As a result, of this sea change in attitudes sales of natural beauty products have soared. This has coincided with the emergence of new makeup manufacturers like Mineralissima who have developed new natural beauty products. Both consumers and retailers have benefitted from this new and emerging beauty market.

The Development of New Natural Beauty Products is set to Continue
The fact demand for natural beauty products is so high has provided the necessary critical mass for the development of new natural, non-chemical, cosmetics. Developing and testing a new beauty product costs hundreds of thousands of pounds. Understandably, in the past, financial institutions and venture capitalists have been reluctant to lend to small cosmetic firms. Today, they can see that there is a big potential market for natural beauty products, so funding for small producers of natural beauty products has become much easier. This has allowed Mineralissima to go from selling just foundations made from minerals to selling a full range of makeup products made from minerals, in just a few years.




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