Leather Boots are Back

April 25, 2013

England 23/04/2013 – A trend towards natural products has helped to make leather boots especially popular this year

Most women wear boots in the autumn and winter. They look good and are practical too. Every year the design of boots changes to match the look and feel of that year’s fashion. This year leather boots have been all the rage.

Despite turbulent economic times, many women have decided to go for quality over quantity when it comes to their winter footwear. They have opted for high quality, durable leather over other cheaper synthetic materials.

This year the choice has been especially good when it comes to leather. Most of the major footwear producers noticed a trend for women to buy more clothing made from natural fabrics, and rightly predicted that this year many women would want footwear made from natural leather rather than synthetics. In anticipation of a movement in this direction, the majority of footwear manufacturers included leather boots in their range. It was a good call because leather footwear has sold well, in particular boots made from leather.

Ultra Comfortable Leather Boots
However, not only big manufacturers have been successfully selling leather boots this year. Gipsy Dharma’s fashionable boots are an example of a beautiful style of leather boot that has found popularity, this year. Women are drawn to this brand first by the look, but get hooked by the fact that they are also ultra comfortable. Their boots are made from soft leather, with supple soles and heels, and are designed to be like a second skin. Increasingly, women are rejecting clothing and footwear, which looks good, but is hell to wear. The suppleness of leather means that it is easy on the feet. Leather allows feet to move freely and breathe. There is little doubt that this move back to leather boots is more than just a temporary one. Today’s shoppers want good-looking products that offer comfort as well as value for money, and leather footwear ticks all of those boxes, so leather is set to remain popular for at least the next few seasons.



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