Self Storage Investment Grows in Popularity

December 22, 2012

Self-storage investment is attracting investors from many sectors

A surprising number of people have never heard of self storage investment. This is a shame because it is in fact a fantastic investment vehicle.

The self-storage industry in the UK is huge and it is growing year on year. In the UK, the industry only really got started in 1980. At first demand was low, but in the past five years demand has grown by around 15% year on year and it is set to continue to do so.

The range of people who need self-storage facilities is huge. Both businesses and private individuals need access to secure long or short-term storage facilities.

Businesses usually use offsite storage facilities to store documents. By law certain documents have to be kept either permanently or for between two and seven years. All correspondence has to be stored for two years, bank statements for three years and contracts for seven years. In an increasingly litigious world, many businesses feel that they are safer keeping all correspondence permanently. This makes sure that should a company be sued they have the evidence they need to fight any claims.

There is also growing demand coming from private individuals. More and more people do not have enough space in their homes to store their possessions. Sometimes people use self-storage to store items they collect or items they inherit and cannot part with. Sadly, others need storage because their finances have left them without a home or forced them to downsize. Increasingly, elderly people are choosing to store some of their possessions when they move into sheltered accommodation.

The future of self storage investment

None of these markets are going to go away or shrink any time soon. Therefore, self-storage investment is an extremely lucrative investment vehicle.

Ldag specialise in providing unusual, but very secure investment vehicles. For as little as £3,750, investors can invest in the self-storage industry. A NET yield of 8 to 12% is typical, so it is an exceptionally good investment opportunity, which is also a very safe form of investment. Unsurprisingly more and more people are using self storage investment to grow their savings.



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