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Multi-site Businesses Benefit from Unified Communications Systems

August 5, 2013

England 23/07/2013 – In an effort to simplify things and reduce costs many UK firms are reviewing every aspect of their business, this includes which telephone system they use. Most firms woke up long ago to the fact that VOIP or IP was the way to go. However, not all of them followed that route. […]

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American Emigration Levels Continue to Grow

August 5, 2013

England 19/07/2013 – Traditionally, Americans do not emigrate, but in the past two decades that has begun to change. Slowly, but surely more and more Americans are deciding to leave the US and settle in other parts of the world. The US government does not keep strict records of how many people emigrate. However, many […]

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The Commercial Roofing Sector Switches to Maintenance

August 5, 2013

England 19/07/2013 – Tough trading conditions for commercial roofing firms has led some to switch the focus of their business, at least for now. A reduction in the number of commercial properties being built in the UK has created a problem for those firms who provide the roofs for these buildings. Since 2007, the value […]

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