Employment Law Solicitors Are Still Busy

April 25, 2013

England 23/04/2013 – Despite a difficult trading environment some employment law solicitors have seen demand for their services increase rather than drop off

During a recession, most firms and sectors experience a drop off in demand. However, some firms of employment law solicitors have seen the opposite occur. They have seen interest in their services increase rather than fall away.

This came as a surprise to many in the sector, but some had realised that rather than the recession presenting them with challenges it was in fact an opportunity. Those firms that looked at it this way appear to be amongst the ones to have gained business rather than lost business during the recession.

Whilst many UK companies have cut back on things like legal services, some have realised the importance of being proactive in protecting themselves in this increasingly litigious world. Firms have quite rightly realised that a court case between them and one of their employees could potentially bankrupt them or that a high profile case could ruin their reputation. As a result, many firms are using employment lawyers to draw up contracts and help them to understand employment law better. This proactive approach is helping firms to avoid making mistakes and ending up in tribunals or court.

Some firms are also seeking advice from employment lawyers to help them to restructure. With the right advice, firms find themselves able to re-negotiate employment contracts in a way that avoids disputes. This re-negotiation allows them to get more out of their employees and become more productive, which is helping their bottom line and allowing them to stay in business.

Employees are also seeking advice from employment law solicitors
Increasingly firms like Antony Robinson Solicitors are being approached by employees for advice on employment law. This is to be expected in a trading environment where firms are trying to get more out of their employees. Many workers want to understand their employment rights better to help them to understand when to concede to change and when to stand their ground. They too are being proactive about avoiding disputes that could damage their careers. With increased demand for advice coming from both employers and employees, demand for the services of employment law solicitors looks set to remain strong.



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