Eyelash Extensions This Year’s Must Have Party Accessory

November 30, 2012

England 26/11/2012

The use of eyelash extensions has grown steadily in popularity and they are becoming more and more glamorous

Every year, in the UK, hundreds of thousands of eyelash extensions are sold. UK women love them they are worn by women from virtually every age group and from virtually every walk of life. Sales of them are strong throughout the year, but definitely peak just before Christmas.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is that a set of good quality eyelash extensions makes a very good Christmas present. Provided the right type is bought, it is a present that is definitely be appreciated and will definitely be used. In a time where money is short people like to give Christmas presents that are not frivolous, and that will actually get used. Eyelash extensions fit the bill perfectly.

The second reason sales peak just prior to Christmas is the fact that they are seen as an essential party accessory. Even women who do not normally wear them like to do so for a party, especially a big party like the office Christmas party. A pair of long heavy lashes finishes off their glamorous look and allows women to be far bolder with the rest of their eye makeup than they would normally be. Recently, longer lashes have grown in popularity as women look for a bold look.

Interestingly, sales of makeup follow similar trends. However, on top of the Christmas trend there are other trends that impact on the sale of makeup. Some products sell better in the winter than they do in the summer and vice a versa.
International sales of eyelash extensions rise too

The interesting thing is that this rise in sales, just prior to Christmas, is repeated in many other parts of the world. The Eyelash Emporium has been selling false eyelashes and eyelash extensions for several decades. They have customers in over 40 countries and sell to beauty technicians, makeup artists and the public. They have a unique insight and find that sales to both beauty professionals and the public, across western countries, rises just before Christmas.




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