Green Loft Conversions

May 27, 2013

England 21/05/2013 – Some of the reasons for people converting their lofts have remained the same, but a new reason to do so is emerging.

Traditionally people convert their lofts to provide themselves with the additional space they need, without the hassle and expense of moving. Others choose to have loft conversions done to add value to their home. A loft conversion by Precision Lofts certainly does this. They provide tailored, high finish conversions to property owners in London, Surrey and the surrounding area, which add value to properties as well as extra space. However, some of their customers are giving a new reason for wanting to convert their loft.

Part of the planning process Precision Lofts use when carrying out a loft or attic conversion is interviewing the client. They feel that it is important to understand what has led their clients to consider converting their loft. Equipped with this information, they are able to ensure that the plans they come up with meet the needs of that specific customer. If the main aim of a client is to add value to a property, a conversion that costs more than the value it adds to a property is not going to be suitable for that particular customer. The firm knows that it is important to understand a customer’s motivations to produce a result they are happy with, so they always ask the question.

Customer being motivated by environmental considerations
Recently, some customers are telling their planning team that they are choosing to convert their lofts rather than move because of the impact new buildings has on the planet. They are concerned that new building work is using up land and commodities unnecessarily.

For customers who are concerned about the environment Precision Lofts is a natural choice. The company is very proud of its green credentials. They are able to recycle 80% of their rubbish, and only use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) timber in their conversions. If a client wants certain kinds of materials used in the conversion, because of the green credentials of those materials the company will do so. They are happy to help their clients to install solar power, as well as specialist insulation and alternative energy saving glazing to make the loft conversion even greener.




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