More London Firms are Utilizing Field Marketing

May 27, 2013

England 21/05/2013 – In today’s highly competitive market, firms are diversifying their marketing efforts and are increasingly turning to field marketing.

Most companies are competing in an increasingly challenging environment. In a big city like London, there is always another firm just around the corner offering the same, or similar, service regardless of the sector. This means that branding is critical for the capital’s firms. A London based firm needs their name to be the first one that pops into the head of a consumer looking for the product or service that they offer. This is the main reason field marketing in London is becoming an increasingly popular marketing technique.

Field marketing is the best way to build brand presence and awareness. In a world where people are bombarded by digital advertising face to face marketing really works. People welcome the chance to find out more about a firm and their products or services. The visual nature of this kind of marketing means that consumers a more permanent image and memory of brands who engage in face-to-face marketing.

However, modern field marketing is not all about sending a tactical sales team out to target a certain demographic or staff an exhibition stand. Modern field marketing can also include checking how a firm is performing on a daily basis. Firms can learn a lot from mystery shopping or auditing carried out by staff posing as clients.

A recent study by the Erasmus University College in Brussels, spoke to 1,503 marketing and communication specialists across Europe about which techniques were currently the most effective. The study concluded that live communication was critical for success, and field marketing was seen as vital for raising brand awareness, brand engagement and generating sales.

Marketing agencies respond to this new level of demand
For many years, forward-looking marketing companies like Ngage Ltd have been focusing on live communication marketing. As a result, they have found themselves perfectly placed to meet the new demand for staff that are capable of live, face-to-face marketing. They have over 4,600 trained marketers on their books, so can provide any firm with field personnel who fit, and will appeal, to any company’s target demorgraphic.




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