Most UK Men are Not Worried About Their Alcohol Consumption

August 21, 2013

England 12/08/2013 – A recent survey conducted by a health care plan provider has revealed some interesting facts about the way UK men look at health. The survey was carried out by Medicash who provide affordable and simple health care plans. They asked a group of UK men about all kinds of things, from how […]

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The UK Still Has a Shortage of Egg Donors

August 19, 2013

England 12/08/2013 – Despite increased awareness of the need for egg and sperm donors, it seems that many in the UK are still reluctant to make a donation. In the UK, there has always been considerable disparity between the number of people who are willing to donate their eggs and sperm and the number of […]

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Interest in Medical Cash Plans Increases Steadily

August 2, 2013

England 19/07/2013 – As concerns about the standard of care and speed of treatment increase, more and more people in UK are considering taking out some form of health care plan. The vast majority of people simply cannot afford to sit on a long waiting list before getting treatment. They need to get back to […]

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Phoenix Health and Safety Announces Birth of the Blue Phoenix

August 1, 2013

Staffordshire, United Kingdom (11th July, 2013) – Phoenix Health and Safety, a leading UK provider of health and safety training and consultancy services, has created a new company mascot: the Blue Phoenix, a superhero righting health and safety wrongs. Phoenix Health and Safety’s the Blue Phoenix is now featured on their site, their course & […]

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Childcare in Liverpool Now Available

July 18, 2013

England 15/07/2013 – An established childcare firm offers nanny services to families in Liverpool. As more and more mothers go back to work, and as more parents in general take up flexible working hours, so the need for childcare services inevitably increases. When times are hard, opportunities to improve a wage and bring in extra […]

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More Men are Opting for Botox

July 12, 2013

England 06/07/2013 – Botox has become increasingly popular over the past ten years, but the biggest growth in demand is coming from men rather than women. Botox has gone from being a rare procedure that only celebrities and the very rich used to fight the aging process to being a procedure that ordinary women routinely […]

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New Research Shows That Some Horses Really are Lazy

July 1, 2013

England 20/06/2013 – Horses are perceived by most as hardworking, so new research that has shown some are actually lazy has caused quite a stir.

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Recent Cold Weather Has Proved Challenging for Horse Owners

July 1, 2013

England 17/06/2013 – To remain healthy horses need to spend time outside, but this year’s bad weather has made it more difficult for horse owners to turn their horses out.

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T.E.N Supplements Go on the Road

July 1, 2013

England 17/06/2013 – Face to face, interactions with clients are helping one of the UK’s leading horse supplement firms to grow and develop their range.

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Eyelash Emporium Supplies Make Up for Two Hollywood Blockbusters

June 28, 2013

England 26/06/2013 – Making a successful blockbuster movie requires an eye for detail.

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