Sales of 2013 Havaianas Flip-flops are Strong

March 26, 2013

England 22/03/2013
Despite the awful weather, sales of flip-flops have remained steady

Given the current weather, it seems strange that there would be demand for flip-flops, hats and scarves yes, but not flip flops. However, even at this time of the year the UK site still gets a lot of visitors. This company sells one brand only, ultra fashionable Havaianas. These flip-flops are not simply beachwear they are fashionable enough to be worn anywhere, and are also ideal for wearing around the house. This is part of the reason that there is demand for these flip-flops even in the winter.

Havaianas flip-flops are popular across the world; last year they made enough flipflops to encircle the globe 50 times. They did this, in part, to commemorate their 50th anniversary. However, none of them went in the bin they were all snapped up by the millions of people who wear these stylish flip-flops. One pair of Havaianas is sold every six seconds. They are certainly not all being bought to just to wear on the beach or on holiday. In many parts of the world, they are worn instead of shoes, because they are so comfortable. These flip-flops are designed to be stylish enough to wear anywhere, and they are. Celebrities wear them everywhere; they have even popped up at weddings.



Flip flops as slippers!

Interestingly there is a growing trend to wear flip-flops around the house. They are perfect for this because they are easy to slip on and off. Flip-flops are extremely comfortable; they give the wearer’s feet freedom to move and breath. In a centrally heated home, they make a good alternative to slippers. Many people keep a pair beside their shower to step into when they get out of the shower.

Most fans of this footwear own several pairs. The company releases new styles and designs every year, with a different theme. Flip Flop and Away see sales peak when the new collection becomes available. The theme for the 2013 collection is nautical, which is proving particularly popular with UK consumers.



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