Buying Tube Clamps Just Got Easier

December 22, 2012

Tube clamps are a specialist product that it is quite hard to get hold of

Tube clamps are not something many people need, but those that do need them often need them quickly and they need good quality clamps. This is because they are the clamps that are used by scaffolders to hold together scaffold poles.

Fortunately, there is now somewhere they can quickly find the clamps and other scaffolding clamps, and that is from Tube Clamps Direct. They have just launched their new website to make it easier for everybody to find exactly the components they need to construct safe scaffolding.

The firm has been selling scaffolding components to the building trade for several years and they have a good reputation within the industry. They stock absolutely everything that is needed, including steel tubes or scaffolding poles, aluminium poles, scaffold planks, sheeting, tarpaulins and debris netting. Importantly, they also sell scaffolding fittings and even simple things like gloves, polythene sheeting, tape and bulk bags that help make moving scaffolding components from site to site easy.

Good quality tube clamps

There is no way scaffolders can afford to use cheap clamps. The consequences of using poor quality clamps are extremely serious. When a scaffold pole gives way, there is a risk that someone or something could fall off the scaffold. Obviously, the resulting injuries are serious. For this reason the components they sell are made from high quality materials and made to a high standard. They sell every type of clamp a scaffolder could possibly need. This ensures that there is no reason for a scaffolder to cobble something together, which may not turn out to be safe.

Importantly, Tube Clamps Direct keeps stock of most components. Most of what is ordered can be delivered to any location in the UK within 24 hours. Even goods that require special transport can be delivered in two to five working days. They provide their customers with several ways to pay and use WorldPay to make sure that those that choose to pay online can do so securely. They still allow customers to order by post of fax, so a builder without access to the web, on a site, can give them a call and get what they need quickly.



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