Examples of Resin Flooring by Quest Ltd Go On YouTube

August 31, 2012

England 24/08/2012- Resin flooring by Quest Ltd is being showcased on YouTube to help consumers to wake up to this wonderful new flooring

Resin flooring by Quest Ltd is stunning to look at. Quest Ltd has been laying this beautiful flooring for over 30 years, and they have laid them all over the UK. Today, there are literally thousands of resin floors laid by Quest. In fact, there are so many of them the chances that you have not walked over one, at some point, are very slim indeed.

Their customers include Asda, B&Q, Tesco and many other UK retailers, so if you shop at all you have seen one of their resin floors. They have also laid floors in several of the UK’s international airports and for the car park firm NCP, so even if you hate shopping and wait in the car you have still seen one of their floors. Although in a car park, it is more likely to be an example of their decking flooring rather than their resin flooring.

However, Quest are on a mission to bring resin floors to the attention of as many people as possible, so they are stepping up their marketing campaign. Much of their advertising budget is being spent on harnessing the power of the web to spread the word about their great service. They are planning to showcase more of their work on their YouTube channel.

Resin flooring by Quest Ltd is one of the most versatile flooring solutions

The saying a picture paints a thousand is certainly true for resin floors. It is only when you a few examples that you realise just how versatile and beautiful resin flooring is. A resin floor can be constructed using virtually any kind of aggregate. The fact a thick layer of protective transparent resin is laid over the top ensures that whatever aggregate is used the floor will look good and be hardwearing.

Quest Ltd has the experience to be able to include intricate patterns in the flooring they lay. They have built many floors that incorporate company’s logos or coats of arms and they can accurately re-produce pretty much any design.


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