Eyelash Emporium Supplies Make Up for Two Hollywood Blockbusters

June 28, 2013

England 26/06/2013 – Making a successful blockbuster movie requires an eye for detail.

Even the small things have to be right. The average cinema screen is 180 sq meters, so viewers see everything in minute detail. Naturally,moviemakers are aware of this, which is why they employ an army of specialists to provide the best of everything. Recently, http://www.eyelashemporium.com benefitted from this need for this attention to detail. They were very proud to provide a range of beauty products that were used on the sets of the movies World War Z and Les Miserables.

The founder of Eyelash Emporium, Wilma Dunn has always had an eye for detail. Whilst working as a makeup artist and training others she realised that many of the glues used to apply temporary eyelash extensions were not really fit for purpose. Most held but, the majority did not look natural. She was also worried about what was used in some of the glues.

As a result, she began working with a leading EU based glue manufacturer to come up with better and safer eyelash glue. After 36 attempts and 18 months of hard work, she was able to launch Ultra ‘Platinum’ glue, which is made with medical grade ingredients, and, importantly, is free of latex and formaldehyde.

The natural look produced when using their specialist eyelash glue is certainly appreciated by the A-listers who use the product. Makeup artists across the world appreciate being able to offer their clients such a safe glue, which dries quickly and produces totally natural looking extensions.

Eyelash Emporium products are used worldwide
However, it is not just Alisters who appreciate the products that the Eyelash Emporium produces. Thousands of people in over 50 countries wear their eyelashes and use their other eye makeup products. The company’s turnover is continuing to grow, with them despatching around 30,000 orders per year. Naturally, the company is thrilled that their products are so good that the movie industry uses them. However, they want everyone to have access to their products, so are also training beauticians on the best way to use their eyelash extensions at their Pinewood headquarters.




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