Off-campus ‘student commuters’ face 40-mile round trips

July 29, 2013

Liverpool, UK (July 2013) – Average off-campus student travels 22 miles to lectures, while one in eight travel 40 miles, say Santander.

Research from Santander1 shows that the average off-campus ‘student commuter’ now faces a 22-mile round trip to get to their lectures each day – and one in eight cover over 40 miles in a day, just to get from where they live to university and back.

This is costing the average off-campus student £600 a year in transport costs, rising to almost twice that figure for one in eight.

Santander’s figures highlight the importance of finding student accommodation that is in the right area, and close to affordable, reliable transport links if it is not within walking distance of the campus.

Hetal Parmar, head of banking at Santander, says: “The cost of attending university puts most students under a great deal of financial pressure, so having to cover the rising cost of transport is likely to be a real burden.”

While not all students may feel that they can afford to live close to their chosen university, Santander’s figures demonstrate that there can be a substantial cost associated with living further away.

This balance is one that must be finely struck in order to live in the most affordable way possible – and 20% of those surveyed by Santander said they are thinking of moving further from their campus next year, in order to cut costs.

Striking the balance
Finding the right accommodation can take a little time, but it’s worth putting the effort in, as there are plenty of horror stories from students who find themselves renting from landlords who do little to maintain the property.

Letting agents are one place to start, but many of these do not do much to signify which of their rental properties are suitable for students, and which are aimed at professionals.

By opting for a student property specialist, you can feel more confident that the property will be specifically set up to cater for students’ needs, with rent charged at a price that is likely to be reasonable for most present-day student budgets.

1University students join the daily commute, Santander, July 2013



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