Schools, Businesses And Homes Can Be Drug Free With Drug Testing From Watchdog Solutions

August 31, 2012

Texas, USA, August 29th 2012 – Drugs can be a major problem in many aspects of life. More and more kids are turning to recreational drugs including marijuana, ecstasy, and even so called legal highs. What’s more, the drug problem has expanded into sport, the workplace, and home life. Drug testing from Watchdog Solutions can help businesses, families, and organizations to establish a drug free environment which benefits everybody including the drug taker themselves.

Figures show that businesses lose $100bn a year through cases of substance misuse and abuse. Whether employees are operating heavy machinery, driving work vehicles, or undertaking any task, if they are under the influence of drugs then they will be more prone to making mistakes. A serious drug habit can lead to other problems such as theft and aggressive behavior from the people that are taking drugs. Unfortunately, it does happen, and a workplace can become unfit for those that stay clean and avoid drugs.


With workplace drug testing from Watchdog Solutions it is possible for a business to test every employee or complete random drug tests. Results are given immediately which means that the business can take immediate action too. The testing process, in order to stand up in court or disciplinary hearings should be accredited and Watchdog Solutions offers testing that is fully FDA approved ensuring that the results are reliable and may be used to fight or prove a case.


Watchdog Solutions provides a range of drug testing solutions. As well as workplace drug testing, they also provide home testing kits and can offer hair follicle testing to help worried parents, partners, and other residents to monitor their loved ones. Drug, alcohol, and nicotine testing kits provide instant results so that parents can enjoy peace of mind or take action as quickly as possible.



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